Veronica Phillips

Veronica Phillips

Veronica is a personal, leadership and business coach practitioner and facilitator with over 20 years' experience in the field. Veronica works from a values-based platform, she is passionate about coaching business executives, community leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals.  “I am inspired by outstanding leadership and I see the potential for it everywhere I look, leadership of people, families and communities…of ideas, thought and change". Veronica's foundation comes from running Aslan as principal and owner for over 28 years.  Working as an owner, consultant and executive coach, over that period has brought into focus for her that authentic leadership and genuine change happens when we lead from deep self-awareness, humility, intention and courage. 

Veronica’s practice has developed over the years into a dynamic and open-minded exploration of what is and what is possible.  Her Gestalt Masters underpins a strong client/practitioner relationship and is the key to extraordinary outcomes for the client, sometimes of discovery and inevitably a gradual experiencing of more wholeness of self in their lives.

Knowledge Base:

Masters of Gestalt Therapy (Psychotherapy)

Certified Leadership Coach

Personal Coach

Executive and Business Coach

Mentor and Facilitator

Psychotherapy and Councelling Federation of Australia

Fun Fact #1

An extreme animal lover, Veronica spent endless hours as a child waiting for baby birds to fall from trees so she could raise them.

Fun Fact #2

At Expo '88 Veronica managed a 660 seat restaurant in the American pavilion.

Fun Fact #3

Veronica and her family lived and cruised aboard a 52' yacht that they built themselves.