Nick Jolly

Nick Jolly

Nick operates as a down to earth pragmatic coach with experience underpinned by 25 years in corporate business leadership roles across the construction and industrial manufacturing industries.  Nick is highly perceptive and has a skill for creating awareness whilst coming from a place of compassion and understanding with accountability.  “I get a kick out of supporting awareness, growth and change that delivers greater levels of individual and organisational health, ultimately contributing to positive social outcomes at the family and community level”.  Nick has an ability to take the complexities of organisational leadership and simplify that complexity to its' component parts.

With the term “relational” representing the opportunities existing within individuals, between people and systems, Nick’s psychotherapy training supports his unique approach towards developing greater self-awareness, capacity and authenticity at the personal and professional level.

Knowledge Base:

Masters of Gestalt Therapy (Psychotherapy)

Personal Coach

Executive and Business Coach

Organisational Development Practitioner

Mentor and Facilitator

Psychotherapy and Councelling Federation of Australia

Fun Fact #1

In support of living the lifestyle Nick prefers, he lives in an island beachside community in Southeast Qld.

Fun Fact #2

Nick has a love for the outdoors and a healthy obsession for constantly exploring the best camping set up.

Fun Fact #3

With a good part of Nicks childhood being spent on Moreton Island, the North Point Lighthouse holds a special place in Nick's heart.