Elissa Wilson

Elissa Wilson

Elissa’s strong and grounded spirit has allowed her to indulge her passion for adventure, learning and travel.  Supported by her successful small business enterprise, she has spent the last five years exploring and studying differing modalities in the field of personal growth, spanning Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science.  Elissa has the innate skill to draw the polarities of these different yet deeply connected worlds together in her gentle and deep coach practice. 

Her calm and aware presence when working with clients instills trust and allows them freedom to explore the deeper meanings and expressions of their life when they are seeking to understand themselves better. Her coaching style stems from a values based framework, with strong foundations in humanistic psychology, that blends beautifully with her more holistic practice. 

Knowledge Base:

Three Coach Certifications

Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

Trauma & Attachment Informed

Small & Online Business Mentor

inSight Tribe Mentor & Leader

Fun Fact #1

The electricity bill at Elissa's house is pretty low as she tends to live by candlelight. 

Fun Fact #2

Elissa's first job was making pizzas and knows how to perfectly load toppings. 

Fun Fact #3

Elissa has a secret desire to learn and perform a burlesque feather fan dance.