Juanita Kaminski

Juanita Kaminski

Juanita has worked in and collaborated with multiple industries as a professional administrator and business services manager over the last 20 years.  Her practical experience across diverse sectors such as human resources, recruitment, small business development, sales and finance, has given her a depth of understanding when consulting to small business or advising start-ups.  She is a major influencer and relationship builder, inspiring confidence in others just by her presence.

These signature interpersonal skills and genuine care for others drive her success as a career counsellor. Juanita is passionate in her role whether she is guiding people into the beginning of their careers or when they are seeking that important career change. Using a values-based framework she supports her clients to explore both academic and professional pathways through self-assessment, planning, research and selection. 

Knowledge Base:

Completing Bachelor of Behaviorial Science (Psychology)

Graduate Certificate in Career Development Practice

Personal Career Mapping

Small Business Start Up Mentor

Fun Fact #1

Juanita loves spending time by the seaside - sand and water are her happy place.

Fun Fact #2

Bringing people together over great food is one of life's biggest joys for Juanita.

Fun Fact #3

Juanita makes THE best Espresso Martinis!