With its origins in human resources and recruitment since 1994, Aslan has evolved into a world class coaching community that designs and delivers powerful development and growth experiences through learning programmes, executive coaching, expanding business culture and performance.  With a belief that holistic modalities balance out and promote our full human potential we also bring a variety of mind body workshops to the Aslan Hub as well as delivering individual mental health and wellbeing therapies and practices.

As part of our business growth series we deliver both public and customised Leadership and Team Embodied Awareness programs with top Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) practitioners, for business (see NREAP page, coming soon).

Aslan is a diverse talented group of individuals – Coaches , Counsellors, Therapists and Facilitators.  We are agile and collaborative working individually or together to provide for our clients evolving needs.

We are here to support your success by holding the space for you to affect change, raise self-awareness and bring you greater choice.  This is equally true for individuals, organisations and groups as it applies personally professionally and socially.

Here is our awesome Aslan Hub team

Veronica Phillips


coach & facilitator

Juanita Kaminski

coach & facilitator

Nick Jolly

coach & facilitator

Elissa Wilson

coach & facilitator


coach & facilitator