Originally conceived as a specialist recruitment company in 1994, Aslan has evolved into a

world-class coaching community providing unparalleled leadership coaching services to clients ranging from large international corporations through to individuals looking to make clear and decisive change.

“Leadership, for me, is not restricted to roles associated  solely with business. I see leadership everywhere I look…leadership of people, families and communities; of ideas, thought and change; and every leaders' journey begins, and ends, with leadership of self.”

life coach paddington brisbane

Veronica Phillips



"It is with great pride (excuse the pun) that I introduce you to Aslan’s Pride; our community of energetic leaders - coaches, creatives, mentors and administrative miracle workers; each providing invaluable support and services for Aslan the professional entity

and all our clients." Veronica Phillips
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Juanita Kaminski

Busniess Services Manager

Nick Jolly

Professor of Life

Melinda Horton

Executive Coach

Kim Gasson

Campaign Consultant