Clarity of purpose and deep alignment of self,

firstly to self, then to the people you are working with, are the prime assets of every successful coaching leader, and the first steps toward discovering your true north. 

Your true potential.”

Veronica Phillips, Founder of Aslan


Aslan’s impact, and legacy, as a community of coaching leaders, is intrinsically tied to how we build trust, first with ourselves, and then with the people we work with.


We believe the art of leading is about creating an environment where individuals are heard, experience is valued and validated, and they know their leader wants everyone, individually and collaboratively,

to win.


The energetics of a good coaching leader brings inspiration and empowerment to all relationships they are engaged in, as a powerful leader of organisations, teams, and a role model and guide for their communities and families.

Over 23-years of extensive experience across all aspects of personal and corporate development translates to a powerful ability to be completely present and agile to best support any environment or dynamic we engage with.


Leadership Coaching

At the heart of great leadership is courage. Can you level-up?

The truth is in the core of who you are emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. 

You already know your

True North.

Are you ready to meet the

next-level leader in you?


Personal Development

We are all on a journey, and along the way we must grow. Sometimes it is the right time to get that extra push, more clarity, or someone in your corner who propels you forward or clears the path ahead. Aslan coaches stand ready to make that difference, we really care.


effective change management

Bring a new angle, or perception, that empowers the co-creation of your next strategy or direction to manifest an extraordinary, sustainable future for your business. What gets us excited is sharing this journey, building with you; one leader at a time.


Cohesive Teams

We are passionate about motivated, collaborative action. This infectious energy creates phenomenal teams who will power-up your organisation by living your values and vision.

Take care of your people first and watch your business thrive!

Aslan stands ready and willing to be your:

Are you ready to embrace the possibilities?

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