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What's Happening upstairs at Aslan House?

Something awesome is happening upstairs at Aslan House over the next month. Our 50sqm top-floor workshop space is getting a full-blown makeover renovation and we are BEYOND EXCITED!!

But we digress, let us start with a heartfelt thank you to Ellie and the David Jaanz Singing School who have recently moved on from this space making way for our transformation. Thank you for filling upstairs with passion, life and music for the last two-and-a-half years, we wish you the very best in the future.

So, what's happened already?

Well, it is all cleaned up ready for action, the calm before the storm perhaps.

And it looks like someone’s been shopping!

Here's an early brainstorm design for the new kitchenette, hmm, so tasty!

We are on a tight schedule, with a fair bit of organised chaos to come before we see the light of completion. We will keep you all updated with project progress blogs and on our social channels.

The most direct way to stay in the know is to go to our blog page and use the subscribe form in the sidebar so you don’t miss a step on the amazing upgrade journey of this beloved Aslan space.

Cheers from Aslan's Pride.