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Welcome to the next level...of Aslan House

Though the Upstairs@Aslan House space has technically been open a few months now, we wanted to take a moment to showcase how amazing it is looking and feeling with some of the stunning new pics taken by Aslan's own Kim Gasson.

Watching over the space is the serenely beautiful Saraswati. The Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, and learning, who has remained significant as a goddess from the Vedic period through modern times of Hindu traditions.

A perfect avatar for the creative, transformative energy we are invoking upstairs.

Click the thumbnails below to open a slideshow gallery:

Events-wise, we have already had Fi Galloway, from Nourished space, host some of her beautiful Breath of Bliss Ceremonies with more to come - 1st Saturday of every month.

May sees the first sessions Upstairs with Let's Chat Education - Mums' Chat...all about puberty and Wayapa Wuurrk Earth Mindfulness Practice with Antonia Burke.

Please check out our new events page for all the dates and details on everything happening Upstairs@Aslan house.

The space is available for hire for workshops, events, community gatherings, and next-level transformation (pretty sure this last one occurs naturally in this space at all times).

Use the connect form to inquire about how we can work with you to utilise this space to connect you and your work with the community.

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