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Upstairs at Aslan House P2

Welcome back! So, things are starting to shift now, let me think, what’s happened since last we spoke?!

Preparations for a fresh coat of paint.

More shopping…

Do you remember our kitchenette design from last blog?

Well, here’s the real thang going in!

With the momentum of the transformation really revving up, it hits home to us how important this upstairs space is, to us, our community, and to our ongoing work.

If we think of Aslan House, the physical location, the house itself, as the flesh and bones that define Aslan’s presence. Then it follows that this inner sanctum translates to being the spirit, the soul, of Aslan House.

As such, it embodies and radiates our core values of collaboration, authenticity, integrity, communication, possibility and continuous learning.

We have so many exciting ideas brewing for this space. Though our foundational intention for everyone who comes here is: Aslan House supports people to discover, and live as, one authentic version of themselves. Wherever they may quest throughout their lives.

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Cheers from Aslan's Pride.