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Upstairs at Aslan House P5

Yes, IT has happened! The renovation is complete!

We invited the inspirational Karen White to come and facilitate a space clearing ritual with Veronica.

Moving throughout the space, honouring what has come before and will come through now and in the future.

Also, releasing and cleansing blocked energy, setting our intentions, and charging up the ions ready for all the amazing and powerful work to come.

The ritual was followed by a tribal gathering of Aslan family for an official ‘soft’ launch. Soft – Ha! This celebration saw an overflow of bubbles, delicious nibbles and waves of laughter and tears.

The heartfelt sharing of stories, from everyone, of what the space meant for all those standing at the heart of this operation really opened up the energy for those who will share this space in the future.

When asked for her thoughts on what message she wanted to send out in that moment, Veronica replied, “Three significant aspects of my intention for the space has been integrity, possibility and passion and right now, this space totally represents that.

"Right here and now, my truest intention for Aslan, and everyone who shares this space, is perpetual growth, possibility and community.”

Thank you everyone who came and celebrated this milestone with us. The first of many more to come.

Now stay tuned for what comes next!

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Cheers from Aslan's Pride.