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Upstairs at Aslan House P4

Welcome back to the next step in our transformation story.

Let’s start in the present moment and check-in on how the space is looking, and feeling, this week. Just a few more chairs and another desk to put together and then the fun of décor begins!

Though anyone following our Instagram page will see Veronica is struggling to keep her inner decorator in check ;-)

Feeling that?! We certainly are, and loving it! Reborn to the possibilities…

So fresh, so lovely to feel the light and enjoy the views from every window.

Now to the future and from the chaos of the last few weeks, we have shifted gears into setting our intentions for this space and everything we plan to create in it.

This is the first of many to come.

Interestingly, this process has also sent us into the past. Sparking us to consider the amazing history of not just upstairs, but of Aslan house itself, as a historically listed property.

Veronica shared the following on what our time here has meant to her.

“The very first time I walked into Aslan house I was captured by its character and the feeling of security and solidness its walls radiated.

We moved in as Aslan Corporate Services, a mining resources recruitment company, in 2002 and populated the building with our ‘Pride’, imbuing our name and our values into the already rich history held within the walls.

These walls have vibrated with laughter, success, sadness, joy and many, many celebrations. They have held us safe throughout all the change and growth that has occurred over the last years, right up to this latest transformation.

I am so grateful to call Aslan House my home, and feel blessed to live, work and dream in this truly inspiring place. I look forward to many more years of sharing in the legacy it continues to forge in the local community and our extended Aslan family.”

Here are a couple of old pics of Aslan House we found in our files.

If you have any connection to this property we would love to hear your stories or see any information/photos that fills in more of the amazing history here.

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Cheers from Aslan's Pride.