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Upstairs at Aslan House P3

Welcome back – to our nightmare!!

So, here we are smack bang in the middle of it and it’s bloody messy up there.

However, we are SOOOO excited that any thoughts of what we have gotten ourselves into are immediately converted to ideas of wow, the possibilities and opportunities for growth here really are endless!

Okay, everyone keep breathing, change rarely occurs without some degree of disruption and emerging out of this chaos is creativity, growth and transformation. We love that!

This new space will become home to a community of entrepreneurial women working within a new program we are creating called WILD (Women In Leadership Development). This is super exciting and we will release more details of the program and its associated events as they become available.

With so many creative people in our community, it makes perfect sense to utilise as much of the space as we can for showcasing and supporting our local artisans and their creations (contributors to be announced).

There are also ideas afoot for making available some hot desk space for temporary dwellers and opportunities for potential collaborations that may emerge from sharing a communal workspace.

We would take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to everyone who has collaborated with us on the work upstairs:

  • Jason Kuenz - our painter who made our space so light and airy!

  • Shaun - our master creative carpenter who installed the cabinetry and is still creating Aslan magic downstairs.

  • Scott - Scott Anderson – our photographer and future art installation contributor.

  • Jack the lad - Aus-Elec (QLD) Pty Ltd.

  • Gary - Local plumbing genius!

  • And our heart of Paddington for 40 years - Paddington Hardware.

We could not be talking about such wonderful future opportunities without all the hard work and planning that is happening with and around us.

Thank you, also to everyone who is engaging with us here and on our social pages. We look forward to sharing more specific details of everything that’s coming over the next few weeks.

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Cheers from Aslan's Pride.