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The Spirits are dancing…on Latrobe Terrace

What a beautiful autumn weekend I have just had!

Today I am taking a moment to pause and reflect on how different and powerful energies have been gathering, converging and aligning around me and wondering whether I may too be playing a part in calling in this vortex of healing and connection.

Personally, the weekend included a healthy dose of ME time, playing and recharging on the beach with the dogs, followed by a beautiful Breathe, Upstairs’ @ Aslan, with Fi Galloway and an amazing group of women. Then a Vibrational healing and sound meditation on Sunday across the road at Yoga Bones studio with the stellar facilitators Stace Callaghan and Olivia Cosham.

I am still riding on the bliss of experiencing both those waves of healing breath and sound. And it is exciting to think about the other fantastic events happening at Aslan and Yoga Bones, now and over the next month or so.

Yoga Bones also ran a Tantric Yoga workshop on Saturday and coming up this weekend is a 3-day series of Essence of Yoga training workshops with Simon Borg-Olivier.

For Upstairs’ @ Aslan, there are Women’s Groups forming and some exciting women’s work evolving with events to be announced soon. After Easter, we have a Cacao ceremony & Breathe with Fi Galloway, and our first Wayappa Wuurk Earth Mindfulness Practice with Antonia Burke happening in late May.

Yes indeed, the spirits are dancing, and I can’t help but be aware of how the energy of this particular area of Latrobe Terrace is vibrating so loudly this year.

As if something is stirring, being called up and the energies lying in the earth beneath our feet are rising like a wave, responding to our call, to our willingness and openness to come together, as a community, to learn and love, and share in each other’s wisdom.

There seems to be a strong mind/body/spirit connection that is charging up and pulling like-minded people to this spot and I am blown away by the synergy of this energy and these intentions being reflected through my own current study and work.

This vortex seems to have its own momentum and flow and I am so very grateful to be a part of this time and this place.