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The Professor turns 50!

Aslan's very own, Nick 'Professor' Jolly, turned 50 last month and we wanted to say a huge,


We also wanted to share how much fun we had at your fantastic party at the New Farm Bowls Club. Thank you everyone who helped make the 'surprise' such a beautiful and memorable experience for family and friends.

As you walked into the marquee and the wave of love and energy hit you in the chest, your face was unforgettable!

Check out a pic of that amazing moment, and some of our other favourite moments from the party, in the slideshow below.

"The hours of brainstorming and sharing that we have done in the Aslan space always exciting and expansive! Your passion at the whiteboard in the moment lights us up! Here’s to your ideas, dreams and creations for being in service to community may they grow and ignite a huge flame in you …Big Love Vee"

"Nick, it has been a pleasure to work with you here at Aslan over the last few years and I have enjoyed immensely learning first hand how you can apply an Excel Spreadsheet to virtually anything you set your mind to. Wishing you the happiest of days in your 50th year and looking forward to tackling whatever the future may bring. J"

We are so proud of who you are, what you are achieving with your Gestalt studies, and the passion and integrity you bring to the Aslan community and everyone your connect with.

Here's to 50 more amazing years Nick, Happy Birthday from everyone in your Aslan pride.