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Thank you 2018, Welcome 2019!

What am I looking at as I gaze into the New Year sky over a perfect beach day at Woorim?

What are the things that affect me, and I am an effect of, in this New Year unfolding before me?

Personally, reflecting on the year just departed, I am reminded of some wisdom I was given 13 years ago surrounded by a group of Industry leaders that I had the honour to sit with every month at TEC (The Executive Connection).

After giving my presentation for Aslans’ highs and lows for the year and my ambitious plans for the second business I wanted to launch, I received feedback from my peers in the room (most of whom had far greater experience than myself). I was told that I should focus on one business as you can only do one business ‘truly well at a time ’.

I remember that it was hard not to defend and fight for my big plans, but I stayed quiet and listened to their advice. It was challenging to put my impatience for change ‘on hold’, along with the excitement of creating new beginnings. However, I did, and agreed to give another two years to my then 10-year old recruitment company.

It was just two years later that the G.F.C. (Global Financial Crisis) hit us all and even though Aslan suffered some ‘perfect storm’ events, we survived, whereas a lot of my contemporaries crashed and burned. I realised that we did not fall because Aslan was not stretched too thin, as it would have been had I ignored the wisdom I received and launched my planned coaching group.

Instead, I rode it out another eight years, gathering much needed expertise, experience and passion, developing my love for coaching leadership, and growing my own business smarts. In 2013, I exchanged my focus on recruitment to a focus on coaching and Aslan and I started the transition to who we are today.

What is the significance you may ask?

Well, here I sit on the beach writing notes on plans for the coming months and I realise once again, how grateful I am for those steadying words and the wisdom inherent in them.

The year ahead is bursting with opportunity and there are so many possible roads to take; it is like a smorgasbord of delights in front of me and I am so grateful that the loudest words in my head are “One thing at a time Vee!”

I work with so many extraordinary, creative people across the Aslan community. I am inspired every day with the opportunities they present for me to grow, share, support, and involve Aslan and its team in endeavours that add value to individuals, enterprises, innovations and opportunities for fulfilling self.

Yet, here I sit, feeling the value in reflection and meditation bringing me back to the moment, slowing down to feel where the energy effortlessly goes, allowing both sides of my brain to view the hologram of 2019 in front of me! And allowing me to choose what my heart is attracted to, because I trust it knows.

I am learning the value in taking the time to watch my thoughts stream and not allowing the disparate ideas, that don’t fit the easy flow, to distract me from where I need to put my energies.

Why is this important?

Because when I take the time to observe, I know where to lean into and what to let pass. I don’t feel the urge so much to drive everything and I know that everything I want is connected to my purpose/destiny/evolution, whatever the right word is for being right where I am supposed to be.

I remember, years ago, being fascinated and challenged by Wayne Dyers beliefs about synchronicity and surrender; reading his books and struggling to understand his teachings, though now, I get it!

Focus on one thing, do it well and everything else flows and is attracted into the energy that is created! What you need arrives just at the right time!

For someone like me, who has spent years of energy trying to control my world, this is still an almost unbelievable phenomena and yet I am experiencing it more every day, as I accept my own inner wisdom and timing. Rare words for a woman who was always agonising over which way is the right way?!

So, I am truly excited to give you a glimpse of what is coming up for Aslan and Aslan House in early 2019:

Information Nights

Where some amazing workshop facilitators, social enterprise leaders and community innovators will talk to you about their work and the events and workshops they are presenting in 2019.

Also, the Aslan team will talk on:

  • Some groups we plan to launch for Entrepreneurs and Creative enterprise

  • Workshops that feed your brain, your body and your spirit, by combining elements and locations in one workshop experience.

  • A forum and open discussion on the possibilities in providing the resources for a Community Hub, and how we can as a community of people come together and capture our ideas on what value we can add or needs that we can put our talents toward.