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Slam Poem - Enough

"So proud of my 12 yr old grandson, Kaydn, and wanted to share this slam poem he wrote for his school assessment. This is the kind of direct, honest, and earnest conversations the world really needs right now. If my generation had had the simple clarity and insight Kaydn is showing, at his age, then maybe we wouldn't be in the strife we now find ourselves.. Kaydn you rock!️"




All you want is to make more money

But your forgetting about the bees to make the honey

As all the animals are dying all we want is to keep buying

Nobody knows, nobody cares,

Give me more money it’s for good things I swear

That’s what we say, then what - cigarettes, barrettes and business mindsets

Do you know how many nukes have been detonated …..?

2056, and now there’s homes that cannot be fixed

But not our homes, no we’re too precious

Let’s do it in this place, there’s nobody here

Except for the birds, snakes, lizards and deer

Empty wastelands and barren landscapes

But that’s just some of things killing the world

Let’s talk about plastic, it’s fantastic, keeps everything neat and tidy

It’s the almighty, but what happens to it once it leaves our homes

Where does it go, do you know? Dumps, then rivers and creeks, and it roams

Fish, turtles, squid and the unknown

Every single piece of plastic our so-called wondrous machines create

Is still out there whether it be recycled or in a turtles mouth

Do you really care? Is anything in the world really fair??

Will anything be out there if we don’t decide to care?!

My life and yours, every single animal from bones to tombstones

What will we have left but plastic to show?

And there we will sit in a pile of shit

As we wonder what happened to our blooming planet

And why we’re so sick,

Although our pile of mess looks so thick

There is still a chance for us to fix it

We’ve built rockets that went to the moon

And have day trips to space happening soon

Our resources are like horses for courses we make

Pleasure domes rather than sustainable homes

Let’s not build fancy shiny things that rust in a heap

Let’s plant trees that keep our air sweet

They give us oxygen so we can breathe air

Not c02 that could poison a koala bear

Consider cradle to grave not one use only

Our mother earth is dying slowly……

Grow our crops and vote for good meat

We need green so that we may eat

Open your eyes, let your hearts feel

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ……..This destruction is REAL……