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Meet Veronica

Hi, my name is Veronica Phillips, a pleasure to meet you.

Role: Founder | Leadership Coach

Connect with me: Linkedin

Knowledge Base:

  • Member ICF (International Coach Federation)

  • Certified Absolute Leadership Coach

  • Personal and Executive Coaching – Business Mentoring SME’s - 10 years current practice

  • Graduate Certificate Gestalt Therapy

  • Fourth year in Gestalt Therapy Master’s Program

I am inspired by...

Inspiration itself, whenever and however I experience it. All forms of learning, nature, spirit and the Universe. In particular, I am inspired by stories of the human spirit and the astounding capacity of our brain to rewire itself.

I am inspired to...

Be inspirational, to inspire and support others to explore, stretch, challenge themselves so they can discover and embrace the best version of themselves. In doing this my own continuous evolution is re-inspired.

On my journey…

One of the earliest, most powerful influences, and inspirations, of my life was my maternal grandfather.

For instance, his gift of a decade’s worth of National Geographic magazines seeded in me a lifelong love of books, reading, and a curiosity to explore the vast world waiting for me.

So, from my bedroom, at age 10, to the back of a motorbike at the age of 22, travelling half the world, I found myself experiencing many of the places I had read and dreamed about.

My world view expanded exponentially, each new region, language, sight and smell stretched my awareness and understanding. Specifically, I awakened to the reality of cultural difference. Grasping for the first time that nothing was as simplistic as wrong or right; it is always geographical, historical and time sensitive.

Subsequently, my life is filled with a constant thirst for learning and experiencing the richness and variety of life’s offerings. From building, cruising and living aboard our ocean yacht Pirrama, to running a number of successful businesses. All the while fuelling my passion for exploring the wonders of the natural world and the mysteries of the inner worlds of head, heart and spirit.

Along this journey, I was often lost, way off my true north. Though being fortunate to have a character trait called stubbornness a.k.a. determination I always knew how to fight; how to rise-up through diversity, and how not to give up.

That journey, to the bottom of the pit and back out again, has inspired my life to know that what I imagine, I can do, that anything is possible…life is constantly changing, constantly growing, and I find that endlessly thrilling.

On my Horizon…

I am currently in my 4th year of a Masters in Gestalt Therapy and I can happily say; my eyes are still opening. Coaching from the Gestalt perspective takes what I have previously known on such a different path, toward present-centred processes.

Gestalt practice is respectful of the human spirit and its innate ability to find its own answers; to support people to discover what is right for them. I love that Gestalt is a co-created relational experiment between coach/therapist and client.

For me, this is a new level, a level-up of my coaching paradigm. I am so grateful to be expanding my skills and taking ever more value into my work with my clients.

So, on my horizon, I see my goal to facilitate a co-created leadership program that embodies, demonstrates and illuminates how people, fuelled by a spirit of continuous self-expansion, can become powerful coaching leaders.

Leadership, for me, is not restricted to the roles associated solely with business. I see leadership everywhere I look…leadership of people, families and communities; of ideas, thought and change; and every leaders' journey begins, and ends, with leadership of self.

What does Aslan mean to me?

Wow! That is a deep question...what does Aslan mean to me…?

Well, perhaps, as for any business owner, Aslan began as my baby, then it became my toddler, and then a fully-grown entity.

If we take a step back and ask, ‘Why Aslan?’ the answer is because my grandfather gifted me the Narnia series of books as a child. The first book of that series was written the year I was born. And I guess Aslan the lion that majestic wise character of the series, has been in my life since I was a girl as a living part of my imagination.

I can’t think of Aslan without seeing him in my mind’s eye, his magnificent essence of truth, compassion and courage to become the best version of yourself. This made him the perfect choice to be the avatar of my business, my passion, and my ideals for the world.

So, he and I have grown together. I feel like at times I have held him up and other times, more often perhaps; the strength of what he stands for has held me up.