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Is it time for you to reconnect?

Reconnect the Disconnection with a unique daily practice that can open you to an entirely new world of awareness and connection to yourself, others and the earth.

“I have an inner knowing of what it feels like to have a deep connection to the land. Whatever’s happening for me, all I need to do to energise, reconnect and heal, is to be with the land. Nature will provide me with whatever I need in that moment.”

Antonia Burke, accredited facilitator of Wayapa Wuurrk

Wayapa Wuurrk is an Aboriginal term meaning Connection to Earth. It features a unique combination of cultural mindfulness, narrative meditation and traditional movement that can be used daily to connect to the environment and quiet the mind.

It has been described as being, like Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong all rolled into one, with the unique benefit of being developed in, and with, this country, and so offering you the opportunity to discover your own special connection to this ancient land.

Meet Antonia…

Antonia Burke is a woman who doesn’t get to sleep in her own bed very often, and she’s okay with that. In her role as Trauma Informed Care Officer and Facilitator she spends most of her time on the road, and in the air, travelling to remote communities across Australia.

Her work in these communities is diverse and challenging, though in her own words, Antonia wouldn’t have it any other way, “In my life, and work, my daily responsibility is to turn up, to be present, and be with whomever I am with. I aspire to not ever let fear of the unknown stand in my way.”

“And I can do this, because I meet and work with people from all walks of life and see how their strength, their resilience and ability to survive, keeps them open to possibility and allows them to grow and transform, especially young people. It is so inspiring to watch them learn and grow.”

“As an Aboriginal person, and through my experiences in these diverse communities, I believe that, in general, people are seeking to have a cultural experience that connects us to the land we live on. It’s all about connection. When we feel connected, there is a sense of belonging, when we feel like we belong, we are more grounded, happier and healthier.”

“The remarkable thing I see time and again, no matter what someone’s background is, is how the practice of Wayapa gives us all a universal language to connect and communicate through the land.”

So, what can I expect if I come to a Wayapa Wuurrk session?

“Simply put, we move, we stretch and we talk, and we sit in meditation and connect to the land. We also discuss the significance of being custodians of the land and our responsibility in looking after it."

"On an energetic level, you will discover your senses expanding both inwards and outwards. And you will feel really refreshed, invigorated and happy, with a strong sense of connection. A connection that will always be with you, for we may come and go, but the earth remains and so does that connection if you are open to it.”

“How can I describe this? When we are working with kids who have been removed from their families and are feeling the disconnection from not only the physical, but from the relationship and the emotion. We use the analogy of the wind, which is one of the elements in Wayapa – we move like the wind – we show the kids how we can feel the wind on our skins and we can see and hear how the wind affects the world around us, like, blowing the leaves across the ground. We know the wind is there, that it exists, even though we cannot see it directly – this is like love – and we explain to them that even when your parents are not there – their love is still there with them always.”

“This is the connection that Wayapa provides and you will feel that no matter where you are in the world, whenever you have that feeling of disconnection, you will be able to just take off your shoes and feel connected.”


The First of Antonia's four Wayapa Wuurrk workshops kicks off this Sunday Upstairs@Aslan House in Paddington. You can come to any of the sessions individually; though we highly recommend signing up for all four sessions for the most immersive and transformative experience!


Sundays, 10-12 am, May 19 & 26, June 2 & 9


$330 - 4 week immersion experience (Save $50)

$95 - single adult - Sundays May 19 & 26, June 2 & 9

Is it time for you to reconnect? Book your spot today @…

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