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A Year of Pure Possibility (Part 2)


…and so it is done.

Graduation after four and a half years of extraordinary mind stretching, and now, I am a Master of Gestalt therapy, or (MGT), which I like much better as it was my Mums favourite of all the sports cars she owned in her life.

While everything in me wants to let this slip by and just quietly pat myself on the back, I am taking stock, reflecting on the size of, and the effort involved in, this achievement - in anyone’s life – let alone someone of my vintage.

I am proud of this achievement, and also proud of the people in my cohort, as I witnessed the effort and the tearing hair involved.

Cheers and congratulations to my Graduating cohort!!

So, what does this mean for me?

I am excited by the way in which Gestalt is a present-centred therapy, which looks at what is actually happening rather than talking about content. This can create powerful frameworks for change both in personal lives and organisations.

For me, this means I am able to integrate further methods of learning, understanding and awareness raising with my clients, which is an exciting way to synthesise and expand our practice.

And what does this mean for Aslan House?

As promised in part one of this blog series, there are some exciting things afoot at Aslan House! Aslan is expanding its coaching and consulting arm and so our ground floor is getting a face-lift to align with our vision of a space to bring about inspirational change.

The street entrance will once again become Aslan House's main entrance and as you walk through the front door, under Aslan's protective gaze, you will enter a new reception area, alongside a newly renovated coaching space.

The hallway, and the current office/coach space, are also getting a face/floor lift with works kicking off in early March.

We will share updates as the project progresses.

Meet you Upstairs

The upstairs space at Aslan will continue to host a variety of boutique workshops delivered by both guest and resident facilitators, including breath-works, somatic body work and specific events that we will advertise through invitation and social media.

Currently under development is a program of innovative 6-week Learning Pods on various topics. All of these will be presented and discussed at a series of Information Evenings which will also be held Upstairs at Aslan.

The timing of this significant refresh feels right and it is more than just a physical re-alignment of the building; however, part 3 of this blog will dive into the detail of the 'Why' and what else is in store..stay tuned!

When the Lion Roars, heed the call of your deepest knowing.