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A Year of Pure Possibility (Part 1)

Welcome to 2020!

Yes, like many of us, I am nervously wondering what this decade will have in store. My sincerest wish would be that looking back from the future it will be known as the Meaningful Twenties - a decade of humankind coming to its senses. Raising our awareness and connecting as a global tribe to heal ourselves and this amazing planet we call Mother Earth.

Meaning in life has everything to do with how we spend our time, besides satisfying our basic needs. To embody meaning we need fulfilment and a sense of belonging. We need things that make us feel alive, connected to each other, and to the planet that gives us life, and from which, we have always drawn sustenance that allows us to grow and thrive.

Becoming more embodied ourselves is the first step to understanding that our own survival as a species depends on the continuation of the totality of life on the planet.

For myself, I am sitting here diving into the who, what, why of my world at this significant point in history.

So, where do I find myself right now - at this point in time?

Now I have come to the end of four and a half years of intense study, I have this awareness of just how much reading, listening, reflecting, realisations, comprehending, absorbing, forgetting, synthesising and writing I have done.

I also have a knowing that I need to slowly integrate all these subtle flavours, the chemistry of this unique four-year fusion.

So, I am ‘making haste slowly’, blending my desire to do everything NOW, with a gradual refocus on Aslan and the paths and directions I have been wanting to unfold for the last couple of years. This means both a time for reflection and allowing integration to happen, while quietening my impending anxiety that my learnings are but myriad paths and unending portals into things I do not yet know and somehow need to know!

Who am I in this moment?

I am in regeneration mode, which is making me calmer and more centred. Mostly, I am inspired, grateful and excited at the idea of putting my learnings into practise. I am also more confident that everything I already knew does not have to be pushed aside to allow for the ‘new knowledge’ to come through. An understanding that it can all be merged, assimilated and blended to create a stronger, wiser, and more nuanced contribution to my world - my clients, my tribe and my family.

What has the last decade brought in for me? In particular this last year?

Ha Ha! I feel this last decade has heralded in my recognition that slowing down does not mean doing less. Rather, it means more absorption, more depth, more awareness and an ability to make better choices.

It has also brought a better understanding of self and others and the words self-compassion have become a part of my vocabulary. I have had to watch both my parents pass in the latter part of this decade - my Mum just before I started 1st year of my study and my Dad at the beginning of my 4th year. My subject of study has made the process of grief, loss, love and appreciation simultaneously easier and harder.

As for 2019 specifically, I am proud of completing what was a challenging curriculum, under sad and occasionally tough circumstances, made worthwhile by knowing my parents would be proud.

I would also say that the environment in the last year has brought into sharp focus the degree of uncertainty I have for our next and future generations and humankinds’ status as the most successful species on the planet? I feel that how we cope with massive change will be a vital challenge for everyone during the next decade.

What am I letting go of and what am I keeping as I enter the new decade?

I am letting go of:

  • Wasting time in self-doubt! It really is time to step out as I have earnt the right!!

  • Having to get it right. Practise leads to mastery, not perfection!

  • The belief that doing nothing is time wasting, it’s not, it is essential!

I am holding close precious memories of love and times together with family.

I am keeping my desire to always continue learning - I admit it - I LOVE it!!

What is in store for 2020? What are the possibilities?

SO much coming this year!! Lots happening in every quarter this year and the first quarter is PLANNING.