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Meet Juanita

Hi, my name is Juanita Kaminski, Let's DO this!

Role: Business Services Consultant

Connect with me: Linkedin

Knowledge Base:

  • Certificate IV (Accounting)

  • Diploma of Business

  • Justice of the Peace (Qualified)

I am inspired by...

This may sound strange, but…I’m inspired by risk…by both taking risk and working with people who have taken x amount of risk to set up a company. Working with them to move it in the next direction.

I am inspired by the ongoing evolution of things, from organised chaos right through to the next big thing. In a work environment, this means putting systems and procedures in place to simplify my life, other people’s lives, and optimise the ebb and flow of the business.

And when those systems are in place and I’m ready for action; I am all-in, whole-heartedly, no faffing about, no time to lose. I love seeing and feeling success, in a space, in people’s faces, and the way that energy multiplies and fuels the next push forward.

I am inspired to...

Be the best guide, support, role model or mentor for others by staying in continuous personal evolution. Becoming more than I am, expanding to do more than I am currently capable of.

This process is ever-elusive and never ending with the next piece of the puzzle always just out of reach, waiting to be discovered, learned, and woven into the overall tapestry of my growth and understanding.

Sometimes, for me, this can lead to over striving, over achieving, yet, I am aware of that, and I know, this is a powerful strength of mine, as I am never stagnant, I am continuously, and consciously, moving forward.

On my journey…

At this moment, my journey really is an adventure; scary, yet exciting, my own journey of discovery…about self.

As a mother of two, both under the age of five, I find myself ready to drop into the next stage of my life, whatever that is… I’m ready to reach out for the next big puzzle piece of my life and development, though it is daunting, that blank canvas, and I can only think of one way to describe how it feels.

Let’s imagine, I believe the Earth is flat and my journey has taken me to the very edge of my pancake world. All the mapped bits are now behind me. Yet, I am compelled to keep exploring even though I know my course will take me right over the edge of my known world into the abyss.

And here at the edge of everything I have been and know, it is difficult not to fall into the fear that there is nothing waiting out there for me, no more pieces, that it really is the end of the world as I knew it.

On my Horizon…

So, continuing with my flat Earth theory…after taking the risk and sailing off the edge of my planet, I realised the Earth is in fact round, and I can just keep exploring, keep mapping and discovering more of myself. Phew!!

The next puzzle piece I have found is a desire for more education and training. Specifically, around networking and facilitation – bringing people together and supporting the clarity and alignment of their ideas and purpose.

I see more and more people coming out of offices, and from behind desks, and behind phones to meet face to face and connect with each other. Facebook, social media and all that is great, and are important tools, but people have realised they need to sit opposite each other with hearts and minds open to truly connect.

I believe it is because there is something that happens when people gather, people are innately attracted to other people, to their excitement, their energy levels, their auras, or whatever you want to call it. Everyone is looking for synergy with others, to find what triggers them, amplifies them and makes them want to work together.

I am investigating many of the smaller boutique programs that can feed me specific, hands-on knowledge and experience. This will balance best with my family and lifestyle, both at home and at work, and allow me to change and shift as I need to.

What does Aslan mean to me?

I feel the question here, for me, is what Aslan has been to me?

And the answer is, this is the house that has allowed me to develop and grow, both in my knowledge of work aspects and career path guidance, as well as supporting my personal growth and development in a safe space. Without any right or wrong answers.

What does Aslan mean for clients?

Aslan means having an unconditional support system in place to guide and assist you in achieving your outcomes and direction. Because that is what it has been for me. For our clients, Aslan means care; acceptance, empowerment and unconditional support.

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