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Meet Nick

Hi, my name is Nick Jolly, ready to discover more?

Role: Leadership Coach | Professor of Life

Connect with me: Linkedin

Knowledge Base:

  • Currently studying a Masters of Gestalt Psychotherapy

I am inspired by...

Nature, being out in the natural world, particularly around water that has a bush or beach connection to it. These are freedom places for me.

They fill me up, free me up, and instil in me a powerful feeling of being able to do life on my terms; with freedom, flexibility and active awareness.

This ties directly into the inspiration I get from learning, from being on a constant learning discovery. Because I know the more I learn the better I can do life.

For me, this is one of the key differences between a progressive lifestyle and one that will continuously hold me back. Knowledge and awareness are the portals to my freedom and that inspires me every day.

I am inspired to...

Be the best version of me, and in doing so, be completely present to support others in creating change for themselves personally, and also on a business or project level, which, in turn, will radiate out and create change for many more people.

At the business, project level, I am really inspired and motivated to influence the corporate world to create and employ a significant evolution, or in some cases, a complete reinvention of the level of care they have for people they work with.

This Culture of Care, in business, is so important to how we break through the status quo of the past and create a new way that supports everyone’s well being. It is this well being that will be the true profit and profitability of successful businesses going forward..

On my journey…

My working journey began as a tradesman in the building and construction industry, where I gained a solid foundation in practicality, through daily hands-on work, as well as linear thinking.

From here, my path led me into business, starting at the ground level, and my journey over the next 20 years has been one of learning from and building on my early practical foundations and applying these lessons to business.

Those lessons have provided me with the awareness of what doesn’t work and how to move more into what works. I have started to wise up to how I can exist in business whilst becoming a teacher, or mentor, drawing on my own life to support others to become aware of the same pitfalls I fell for.

It’s the ability to look back and truthfully own who you have been and see what has worked and not worked for you. Then use those experiences and the lessons they taught you about yourself to build a bridge across to where you are now, to a better version of yourself.

After focusing on my own personal development and growth for around 6 years, I have gained a lot of clarity around what drives me. And it is not the material things, it was definitely that in the past, however, now I sense a deeper drive – connection and care.

This is why I was drawn to and am still drawn to Aslan as it gives me the opportunity to work at this deeper level with, and for, people. Supporting them to look at the world differently and do things differently.

On my Horizon…

I see myself continuing to step further into the space of supporting and growing myself and others at all levels. This is manifesting for me as study and learning, in the form of the first year of my Masters of Gestalt Psychotherapy.

This course opens up a longer term horizon for me, using my practical and business experience, fuelled by my personal growth journey, and augmented by my new gestalt learnings to magnify what I can bring to the world.

What does Aslan mean to me?

Community. A community of like-minded people working in a space of support, contribution and connection. And the way I see it, Aslan, the community that exists here; it is more than a business, it almost a cause.

What does Aslan mean for clients?

A next-level support system and knowledge base they can draw on, and a level of expertise they can bounce off and fall back on.

Aslan provides methods and processes for clients to achieve real growth and true insight, develop better ways to communicate and most importantly, better ways to care, for themselves and everyone around them.

That culture of care is the key to activated, successful people and that is the key to sustainable, profitable business. That is the future we are creating, come and get some.

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