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Meet Mel

Hi, my name is Melinda Horton, what's next for you?

Role: Coach | Consultant | Facilitator

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Knowledge Base:

  • Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

  • Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management

  • Associate Director with AMPLIFi Governance

I am inspired by...

The never-ending opportunities to learn, grow and develop. It’s a cycle because part of the development is to share learnings and to feed into the growth opportunities that others are embarking upon.

We live in a fast-paced and ever-changing world. Just when we think we know something, or are “experts”, well that’s when the real opportunity presents itself to take a close look at what has changed in that space and what we might have missed.

I am inspired to...

Support people to become their best self … whatever that means for them at whatever stage of their life they are when we start to work together.

This very inspiration inspires me to be my best self, every day and to recognise (and reset) when I’m not. I was brought up to treat others as I want to be treated, speak to others as I want to be spoken to and to live and let live and I’ve found that to be a wonderful (and simple) baseline that I enjoy sharing with others.

On my journey…

Fast-tracked. My time on this earth has been full and fruitful. I’m so very grateful for whom I was born to, for who I am, and for where I live.

On a personal level, I’ve succeeded in nurturing two beautiful girls through the ups and downs of growing up and now see them as twenty-somethings; healthy, happy and both doing well in their chosen professions and with their chosen partners. What a relief … to say there were challenges along the way (and that there won’t be more to come) would of course be an understatement!

I have a posse of fabulous friends; some I’ve known for all my life, some I’ve collected along the way, and some I haven’t yet met. Life’s ups and downs would be less meaningful without the gift of friendship.

As far as work, business, education and profession goes, I’ve grabbed every opportunity that has come my way with both hands and given it my all. I’m one of those (odd?) people who just love their work – whatever it has been at the time – and when the learning and challenge is complete, I’ve found another opportunity…

From filing mountains of documents at my Dad’s insurance office as a kid during school holidays, to volunteering as a young teenager to take the minutes (practicing my shorthand, no less!) at the local netball club committee meetings (and, of course, typing them up on my Mum’s portable typewriter); my work ethic was founded.

Those early skills of answering telephones, practicing good manners, taking messages, being organised, offering a service, valuing accuracy and attention to detail, stood me in good stead when I started my first businesses in my early twenties and have served me well ever since.

Contracting and consulting allowed me to travel Australia’s Eastern seaboard and to New Zealand; then on to senior management and executive roles where I had cause to travel to Europe, for the first time in 2007. Maybe not so surprisingly, I was bitten by the travel bug! I just hadn’t realised the world had been waiting for me and so I’m doing my very best to catch up and now travel whenever I can make it happen 😊

I have thrived from four exciting, yet different, formal learning experiences since 2010 that have shaped who I am today and how I approach my life.

Firstly, I had the privilege of attending INSEAD Business School in Fontainebleau, France for a month(!) to complete the Advanced Management Program. Thus far, this would have to be the most amazing learning experience because it was personal, cultural, professional and stretched me so far out of my comfort zone, so far from home, that it was almost scary coming back to ‘normal and routine’ afterwards.

I quickly discovered that everything shifted easily, because I had shifted in so many ways, my perspective had been challenged and broadened; this recognition and acceptance allowed me to transition my learnings, and still does regardless of where I live.

While this may seem passé to some, the most significant take out is that I’m equipped to navigate change in a positive and successful way, for me and for my family. I left my executive role in 2012 under unpleasant and aggressive redundancy circumstances. Of course, I had options – (a) rant, rave and become bitter and twisted; (b) wallow in self-pity; (c) panic; (d) deal with the emotions, make a plan and move on.

I chose (d). That choice led me to complete and graduate the Australian Institute of Company Director’s Course and to undertake formal accredited Coach training and then to earn my credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF).

The fourth recent and life-changing educational experience was completing my Executive MBA, graduating in December 2017. For two years I traveled from Brisbane to Sydney for a weekend of classes each month and a summer school unit in China. While I said “no thank you” to more social events than ever in my life, I loved every minute of every class, every subject, every assignment and every presentation.

I had worried early on about how to answer the often asked question, “What are you going to do with this degree when you’re finished?” I soon discovered that I was using my learnings every day; I was looking at things through a new lens, thinking about things differently, designing solutions and resolving problems with broader considerations.

… My journey so far? Awesome!