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Meet Kim

Hi, my name is Kim Gasson, let's create something AMAZING!

Role: Campaign Consultant

Connect with me: Linkedin

Knowledge Base:

  • Bachelor of Business (Hons)

  • Associate Diploma in Business (Computing)

  • PRINCE2 (Foundation) (Projects in Controlled Environments)

I am inspired by...

What inspires me creatively is nature and beautiful things. Often what I find beauty in is old things with character, with a story to tell, that have history, that have been on a long journey.

Also, Wabi Sabi and concepts like it, an imperfect beauty that comes with age, wear and tear, and experience. I love that, it inspires me and I am drawn to it intrinsically.

As for people, I am inspired by the underdog. People who don’t let life’s challenges, no matter how tough, how trying, pull them down, They just go for it.

A shining example of this, for me, is Turia Pitt, who was rocking her life as a super-fit athlete, part-time model and professional engineer, then was severely burnt, yet she never stopped fighting, recovering and pushing herself to succeed at whatever she wanted. She got up and got on with her life. I think that is inspiring.

Courage and determination are the qualities these people have that inspire me, their self-belief, knowing who they are in the face of adversity.

I am inspired to...

When I see people overcoming their challenges, it inspires me to push through my own. To go after, or at least try, or even just experiment, with something I am interested in. If they can do that, I can at least give it a go, it inspires me to push through my own fears.

Which are many in terms of my own creativity. Am I creative enough? Am I original enough? But, I feel you have to muster the courage up to accept that what you create is what it is, to not hide it, to own and share your creativity with the world.

And aligned to this is having the determination to not allow the opinions of others to stop me from being who I am and expressing how I want, through my jewellery, or whatever outlet I choose. I can accept that everyone can have an opinion and that’s okay. I have to be okay with me and who I am.

On my journey…

A daily journey of overcoming, pushing through, and converting, all the negative stuff I tell myself, the stuff that holds me back, my self-sabotage and limiting beliefs about myself.

I am continuously working to accept all parts of me…the good, the bad, and the ugly…that I am okay as I am. And this is always evolving, it never stops.

I am also realising how much I need to slow down…not get distracted by busyness. It is by slowing down, being more present in the moment, that I can truly feel who I am, free up my creativity to flow and play, and this supports me to enjoy the entire process.

On my Horizon…

What I see coming out of slowing down and actively converting my negative stuff to positive fuel for my art is reaching a new level of pride and ownership of what I create in the jewellery space, or any creative space.

At that new level, I see on my horizon a stunning line of jewellery and art pieces that I am really proud of, ready to be shared with the world via social media. So, watch this space!

This will also give me the confidence to let go of the importance I have placed on my corporate life. How high up I hold it and all the self-worth I have attached to it in the past.

Now I am reclaiming that worth and attaching it to my…self. Worthy for being who I am and what I am now doing.

What does Aslan mean to me?

For me, Aslan is a place that is free of judgement, where I am accepted for who I am in any given moment. Angry, happy, depressed, frustrated; whatever I am I know I will be accepted exactly for who I am.

That said, Aslan is also a place where I can be called out, in a compassionate way, on anything that is dragging me off my true north. This is a big part of what Aslan means to me, primarily for what these moments result in - clarity.

And how does any respectable coaching business explore things?

With white boards of course!

Seriously, as a visual person with a project management background, I really love white boards. When I am just not getting it, we can go to town with the markers, thrash it all out, and I always come away with better understanding, I may not like it, but I am aware of it and can work on it.

What does Aslan mean for clients?

Acceptance and trust. A safe space where you can be really open and honest with what’s true for you. Also, a lot of lions, and lots of white board markers ;-)